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Basic Features included

  • We will monitor and manage your Plugins & Themes and keep them updated and if any issues are found – we can reset them back to the previous version.
  • There are times when a plugin is identified as making your site vulnerable – if this occurs we will notify you and work out a plan of action with you to address any vulnerability identified.
  • We will monitor your site’s new comments and if they are flagged as SPAM – we will remove them. If they are legit – we can approve them for you. (That decision is up to you.)
  • If you ever need it – we can place your site in a maintenance mode – This Maintenance Mode gives you the option of letting your visitors know that you are working on your website, updating or fixing problems.
  • We will provide a periodic status report – This report shows the details of our monitoring and management for your website during the previous month.

Site Management Form

Site Management Form

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Website Management Options

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Uptime Monitor - Get notification when your website goes down, so you could get it back online before anyone else notices.

Monitoring interval: *
Notification delay: *

Premium Back-Up - Incremental, reliable, comes with off-site storage, and capable of running on an Hourly cycle.

Performance Check - Have an insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing.

Performance Check Interval: *
Day of Week *
If you select Weekly - You must select the day for the check to run.
Alert Me if PageSpeed is: *
Alert Me if Yslow is: *
Alert Me if Page Load time is longer than: *

Security Check - Make sure your sites are clean, and if any files become infected you will be able to spot them on time.

Security Check Interval: *

Link Monitor - Link Monitor is a powerful broken link checker that provides you with regular scans of an entire WordPress site for broken links.

*Note: Link monitor supports up to 10,000 links per website.